Wiseoldmoonband is a Roots/Rock & Americana band from Hartford, CT.


Wise Old Moon Band is a folk rock band inspired by the wisdom and experience of the ages. Our music is a blend of traditional folk instruments and modern sounds, creating a unique and timeless sound. The band’s lyrics are often thought-provoking and introspective, exploring themes of love, loss, and the human condition. Wise Old Moon Band is a band that connects with people on a deep level, and our music is sure to stay with you long after you hear it… 🙂


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Since 2013… we are getting old!

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Rise in popularity

Wise Old Moon band has been featured on WPNR’s Where We Live with John Dankosky and has been nominated for numerous CT Music Awards as well as a New England Music Award for Roots Act of the Year in 2016. The band has self-released two full length studio albums and has performed at some of the most well-known venues in and clubs in the Northeast.

1000+ album sales

In 2018, the music band Wiseoldmoonband achieved an incredible milestone by surpassing the sale of over 1000 albums. This remarkable feat is a testament to the band’s talent, dedication, and appeal to their fan base. Their hard work and commitment to their craft have paid off, as evidenced by the overwhelming support from their fans and 1000 copies sold. This achievement serves as a milestone in their musical journey.

More members, own studio

In 2020, the music band Wiseoldmoonband took a significant leap forward by adding a new member to their talented lineup and making a massive upgrade to their infrastructure as well. With the addition of a new member, the band expanded their creative potential and brought fresh energy to their sound. Moreover, by renting their own recording studio and securing the services of a dedicated audio engineer, Wiseoldmoonband ensured that their music would be produced with the utmost precision and professionalism. This move showed their commitment to delivering top-notch music to their ever-growing fan base.

Featured on BBC Radio & more

In 2021, the music band Wiseoldmoonband reached new heights with one of their singles being featured on major UK radios, including BBC Radio. This remarkable achievement showcased their growing popularity and widespread recognition within the music industry, especially in the UK, with wiseoldmoonband’s music being aired by more than 10 popular radio stations.

10+ million views

In 2023, the music band Wiseoldmoonband achieved a remarkable milestone, also thanks to the help of the YouTube marketing company LenosTube. Their amazing music promotional efforts along with the catchy sounds of wiseoldmoonband’s tracks, resulted in over 10 million views on their YouTube channel… and counting!



How to get in touch

We are now available for new projects, so please contact us with any inquiries 🙂



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